Author(s): United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation/ Food Security Analysis Unit

Date Authored: December 1, 2007

Somali mother breast feeding infant
Photo by UNICEF (cc license)

The purpose of the knowledge attitude and practices study was to enhance an understanding of the contribution of poor child care practices to malnutrition (both acute and chronic) and subsequently provide key recommendations for simple and effective responses. Specifically, the study aimed at determining:

  1. Knowledge attitude and practices on infant and young child feeding.
  2. Knowledge attitude and practices on health seeking and treatment during illness.
  3. Obstacles faced in implementing preferred care practices in both feeding and health seeking activities.
  4. Potential impact of conflict on care practices and identify if knowledge, attitude and practices behaviours of caregivers have changed from the pre-conflict period.
  5. Key simple and achievable recommendations to address identified issues.