Author(s): Office of Refugee Resettlement

Date Authored: December 23, 2013

This new 4-part video series, developed by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, highlights Somali refugee women’s health issues. These videos are available in Somali with English subtitles (to view subtitles, turn on closed captions).

The online video series consists of four parts. Ideally, they should be watched in order as some topics build upon concepts introduced earlier. The goal of the videos is to educate Somali refugee women about a variety of health topics that can affect – and possibly save – their lives. The video series was developed in collaboration with Somali women’s health experts, women’s health advocates, and Somali refugee community organizations.

Part 1: Introduction, Reproductive System

Part 2: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Relationships, Fitness and Nutrition, Cancer Screening

Part 3: Preconception and Prenatal Care, Pregnancy, Delivery, Postpartum

Part 4: Family Planning, Gynecological Issues, Conclusion

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