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Spanish CCM – Aligning goals of care for patients in ICU & oncology

Nuivis Ferro-Gonzalez discusses her role as a Cultural Community Navigator at Harborview Medical Center working with Spanish speaking patients in the ICU and oncology department.

Nuivis Ferro-Gonzalez, Spanish Caseworker Cultural Mediator at Harborview Medical Center

Nuivis Ferro-Gonzalez is Spanish Caseworker Cultural Mediator, ICU/Oncology navigator at Harborview Medical Center. In this short video, she explains her role working with the Spanish speaking population within the Harborview Medical Center system. Nuivis plays an important role working with patients, patient families and providers to discuss the goals of care. Her patients are experiencing serious health conditions and have a need for frank and transparent conversations. Nuivis makes sure that the medical team and family are on the same page with their decision making process.