Author(s): Elizabeth Hulbrock

Date Authored: August 11, 2015

This bilingual presentation is intended to be used by clinicians during discussion with patients about carbohydrates and blood glucose. It is culturally tailored to reflect foods commonly consumed by Latino Americans and includes photos of foods, meal comparisons, and portion sizes. Also, includes tips for eating healthily during holidays, and cooking tips.

PDF presentation (126 slides) and YouTube video link in sidebar.

Introduction 0:15
Carbohydrates: Introduction 4:58
Carbohydrates: Starches 5:27
Carbohydrates: Fruit 15:26
Carbohydrates: Dairy 16:20
Carbohydrates: Sweets 17:07
Drinks 18:00
Extras 20:52
Foods That Do Not Raise Blood Sugar: 23:00
Proteins 23:28
Fat 24:29
Non-Starchy Vegetables 26:00
Meals 27:55
Holidays 36:42
Cooking Tips 37:42
Conclusion 39:27
Additional Resources 39:49


Harborview Medical Center (HMC) physician Dr. Carey Jackson identified a need for culturally-tailored visual references tools to use during conversations with diabetic patients about food choices.


UW MPH student Elizabeth Hulbrock and EthnoMed’s Yetta Levine created this tool in consultation with Harborview registered dietitians Charlotte Neilson and Lorren Negrin. Cultural guidance was provided by Harborview medical interpreter Araceli Gonzalez-Medel and diabetes navigator Rose Cano.